Ways to Save Money: Birthday Freebies

Birthday Cake by Will Clayton, on Flickr

Time really flies!   Today marks a month since my birthday; I’ll just say I’m on the other side of my twenties 😉 . What better way to end my birthday month by sharing some deals with you?  Below are a list of birthday freebies that I’ve received (or that I will be receiving now that I know about them :-) ). Just a note, I have a separate email account set up for these sites, because you will be inundated with email throughout the year, not just on your b-day!

Clothing and Accessories


Food and Drink

That’s all for now. Do you know of any other birthday freebies? Please share them in the comments!

P.S.  Although this post is about birthday freebies, I couldn’t end without sharing what I wore to my birthday festivities!  Check the links out below to steal my style 😉



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